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ASC is a leading manufacturer of specialized process equipment, control systems,
and custom manufacturing software used in the composites, plastics, glass,
solar, lumber, and concrete, coatings, and finishing industries. Our product
lines include composite autoclaves, glass-laminating autoclaves, concrete
autoclaves, industrial ovens, composite ovens, electroplating automation
systems, process control software, autoclave control software, oven control
software, and crane and hoist control software including scheduling. We're
located in Los Angeles, CA and support thousands oAutoclaves and other
equipmentASC manufactures a range of process equipment, including autoclaves,
ovens, presses, heating systems, cooling systems, vacuum systems, and specialty
pressure equipment. We also buy and sell used equipment.systems and hundreds of
customers wControl & power systemsASC is a leading supplier of control and
power systems for a wide variety of equipment and industries. We specialize in
PC-based and PLC-based control solutions. Our PC-based systems typically feature
our industry-standard CPC control software package.orldwide.Software for
controls and manufacturingASC can develop custom software solutions for a wide
variety of manufacturing applications. Our CPC software is the world's leading
software for control of autoclaves, ovens, and many other applications. Our
FLEXTIME software is also the leading PC-based solution for electro-plating and
anodizing control

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