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UC4 certified for use with the Avaloq Banking System

Automated scheduling of Avaloq Banking System (ABS) and enterprise systems with UC4 Workload Automation SuiteVIENNA, February 3, 2009 – UC4 Software, a leading global provider of workload automation, job scheduling and IT process optimization solutions, today announced the certification of UC4 Workload Automation Suite for use with the Avaloq Banking System (ABS) version 2.6. The companies have also signed a partnership agreement that will enhance Avaloq to refer customers requiring a complementary scheduling and automation solution to UC4 Software.“The certification of the UC4 adapter enables organisations to utilise a complementary technology that has been successfully tested and validated against our Model Bank environment,” said Adrian Bult, COO, Avaloq Evolution AG. “Joint customers will be able to increase the return on their existing technology investments leveraging a solution that interfaces directly with the Avaloq Banking System.”Avaloq solutions are changing the IT landscapes within private and retail banks in Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Singapore, Hong Kong and other markets. With UC4 Workload Automation Suite enterprises remove manual intervention, reduce latency and mitigate risk from their end-to-end business processes. The UC4 Business Integration for Avaloq communicates directly with ABS through application interfaces, allowing customers to extend the automated scheduling of their core banking systems and integrate with external applications.UC4 Workload Automation Suite can manage back-end processing for ABS and all other surrounding systems that many finance institutes rely on. Avaloq users receive regular software updates which support banks in remaining compliant with industry regulations. When utilizing additional tools it is important that Avaloq users work with solutions that are compatible and certified for use with Avaloq. This reduces maintenance and support issues and allows joint customers to benefit from the enterprise wide visibility and control provided by UC4.“It gives UC4 great pleasure to extend its relationship with Avaloq,” said Cesare Capobianco, chief executive officer, UC4 Software. “We have benefited from an excellent working partnership working towards receiving this certification. It has allowed us to develop an interface that is compliant with Avaloq’s technical specifications, which also delivers measurable business value to our joint customers.”About AvaloqThe Avaloq Group, with branches in Luxembourg and Singapore, is the Swiss market leader in the field of standard banking software. For over a decade, the Swiss company has been developing and marketing the Avaloq Banking System. It is trusted by leading financial service providers in private, retail and universal banking in international financial centres around the globe. A network of specialists with first-class partners in the areas of implementation, software, service and technology enables Avaloq to offer its clients a comprehensive all-in-one solution – a modular, innovative and integrated standard software for the financial sector. Avaloq is owned by its management and employees.About UC4 SoftwareUC4 Software is a leading global provider of workload automation, job scheduling and IT process optimization solutions that ensure core business processes and enterprise information systems run faster, more accurately and without interruption. More than 1,600 companies worldwide have successfully enhanced application processing performance and improved IT efficiency using UC4’s business acceleration solutions. Customers include American Suzuki Motor Corporation, Cadbury, eBay, Eastman Kodak, General Electric, Mattel, McGraw Hill, Panasonic, Robert Bosch, Sun Microsystems, Symantec, T-Systems and Verizon


Shadyside Inn Suites is different. Your idea of staying in a hotel is about to change. Our suites are not typical hotel rooms. In fact we do not have rooms; we only offer suites. Why are we different? Your suite is a fully furnished apartment with the same amenities as a hotel located in a residential neighborhood. It’s not just any neighborhood, it’s Shadyside, Pittsburgh’s most quaint, trendy, and upscale urban area. Picture Boston’s Newberry Street, or New York’s East Village and you will get an idea of what the Shadyside area is like.Imagine having your own apartment in the best location in Pittsburgh for as little as a day or for as long as a lifetime. Shadyside Inn Suites is as flexible as you need. Only going to be here for a night? Why not have your own fully equipped apartment? Need somewhere to stay for a month while your house is renovated? Shadyside Inn Suites is your answer. Looking to attend the University for only nine months? Shadyside Inn Suites can accommodate. Think this is going to cost you more than a hotel? Not even close. Our rates are lower, our suites are double the size of any hotel in the area, our parking is free, and our location is unrivaled.Our suites are located within a block or two of some of the best dining, entertainment, and shopping in Pittsburgh. At your door are 135+ shops, 15+ restaurants and some of the best nightlife in the area. Shop in small boutiques, visit your favorite national store, and dine on cuisines from all over the world. Shadyside living is unmatched.Stay in Shadyside and still be approximately 4 miles from Downtown Pittsburgh and the Convention Center and less than 1 mile from the following hospitals: Presbyterian, Montefiore, Magee Women’s, Falk Clinic, West Penn, Children’s, Shadyside Hospital, and Western PsychiatricWithin 1 mile of the Shadyside Inn Suites is The Carnegie Museum of Art, The Museum of Natural History, The University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University Chatham College, and Carlow College.Besides coming for a visit, the best way to learn about our story is read what other people have said about us. Please click on the following links to read what the professionals have to say

High Flow Range Mass Coriolis Flow Meter


deal for the measurement of flow, density and temperature of liquids and slurries, such as aggressive or contaminated, sanitary or particle-filled fluids.Features:Flow ranges from 60 to 60K Kg/Hr (2.2 to 1650 lb/min) Accuracy up to 0.25% of readingMaterials: flow tubes – 316 L, splitter flanges – 316 Ti, housing – cast ironProcess temperature -40°F to 356°F Ambient temperature -40°F to 140°FWide flow rangesACCURATE AND RELIABLEThis meter has the ability to maintain high accuracy, despite changing viscosity conditions, with accuracy of +0.25% of reading.EASY CLEANINGThe ACM series has smooth stainless steel tubes and no moving parts, and is therefore very easy to flush and clean.MULTI-TASKINGThe ACM series of mass coriolis flow meters measure flow, density and temperature.MATERIAL COMPATIBILITYBecause of the meter’s 316 stainless steel flow tubes, the ACM series can measure a wide range of materials.VARIETY OF ELECTRONICSElectronics available for the ACM series include a local, hazardous rated display and a remote, panel-mount digital display.

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VSEP Membrane Cleaners In addition to filtration systems, New Logic manufactures
a complete line of chemical cleaners designed to maintain maximum flow rates in
all VSEP applications.Years of exhaustive research and development by New Logic
engineers have resulted in seven chemical cleaners formulated to attack the most
stubborn foulants across a wide range of membranes and feed streams.While
designed for VSEP membrane filtration systems, these advanced formulas are
perfect for cleaning any membrane.To learn more about VSEP Advanced Cleaning
Solutions, please choose a link below to visit our sister site
membrane-based separations of liquids from solids have enjoyed increasing
popularity over the last 20 years, the technology has an inherent Achilles heel
that affects all membrane devices: fouling. This long-term loss in throughput
capacity is due primarily to the formation of a boundary layer that builds up
naturally on the membranes surface during the filtration process.In addition to
cutting down on the flux performance of the membrane, this boundary or gel layer
acts as a secondary membrane reducing the native design selectivity of the
membrane in use.EMERYVILLE, Calif. and IPSWICH, Australia, Sept. 21 /PRNewswire/
-- New Logic Research, Inc., the maker of VSEP, the vibrating membrane
filtration system, announced today its participation in the official
commissioning ceremony for the Australian Hardboards Water Recycling Plant in
Queensland, Australia.On hand for the ceremony were members of the Australian
Hardboards and New Logic executive team, as well as numerous business leaders
and local officials, including Cr. Paul Pisasale, the mayor of Ipswich.The
wastewater treatment and recovery system, which combines seven i84 VSEP
nanofiltration membrane modules, recovers wastewater for reuse within the plant.
The system, which is capable of processing approximately 200,000 gallons per
day, runs continuously automated by a programmable logic controller
(PLC).According to New Logic CEO Greg Johnson, "VSEP is fast becoming accepted
as the best available technology for tough wastewater treatment applications in
Australia. The Australian Hardboards installation represents our second
Australian installation in as many months; still more will be coming online
within the next year. We were honored to be a part of the ceremony, and to show
our commitment to helping to solve the Australian water shortage problem."New
Logic International Sales Manager Melysa Reiss adds, "The paradox of Australia's
decreasing water resources and increasing industrial demand requires innovative
technologies to bridge the gap. We are proud to have the opportunity to do just
that for Australian Hardboards and other firms throughout the continent."Water
shortage caused by drought and increased populations has created a crisis in
many parts of Australia. Water supply levels have fallen to 30% of normal, and
continue to drop. Local water districts have implemented severe water
restrictions to try to stop the drop in supply levels. Brisbane is currently at
a Level 4 water restriction that requires mandatory conservation. By recycling
its wastewater and reducing its fresh water intake using the VSEP system, AHL
has conserved the equivalent of 2000 homes worth of water supply per year. This
example of water conservation is being used as a showpiece for other industries
to follow.About New Logic Research, Inc.Headquartered in Emeryville, California,
New Logic Research is the leading provider of high-performance membrane
filtration systems used in a wide variety of applications from pure water and
wastewater treatment to chemical process clarifications. Founded in 1987, New
Logic has grown to meet the needs of its ever-expanding customer base, which
includes major corporations from around the World. Today, New Logic provides a
breadth of products and services for pure water and wastewater treatment,
industrial and chemical processing, power, pulp and paper, oil and gas
production and processing, paint and pigments and electronics industries. For
more information


ASC is a leading manufacturer of specialized process equipment, control systems,
and custom manufacturing software used in the composites, plastics, glass,
solar, lumber, and concrete, coatings, and finishing industries. Our product
lines include composite autoclaves, glass-laminating autoclaves, concrete
autoclaves, industrial ovens, composite ovens, electroplating automation
systems, process control software, autoclave control software, oven control
software, and crane and hoist control software including scheduling. We're
located in Los Angeles, CA and support thousands oAutoclaves and other
equipmentASC manufactures a range of process equipment, including autoclaves,
ovens, presses, heating systems, cooling systems, vacuum systems, and specialty
pressure equipment. We also buy and sell used equipment.systems and hundreds of
customers wControl & power systemsASC is a leading supplier of control and
power systems for a wide variety of equipment and industries. We specialize in
PC-based and PLC-based control solutions. Our PC-based systems typically feature
our industry-standard CPC control software package.orldwide.Software for
controls and manufacturingASC can develop custom software solutions for a wide
variety of manufacturing applications. Our CPC software is the world's leading
software for control of autoclaves, ovens, and many other applications. Our
FLEXTIME software is also the leading PC-based solution for electro-plating and
anodizing control

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EZ Form Cable

EZ Form Cable's primary products are miniature semi-rigid coaxial cable,
semi-rigid and flexible cable assemblies, coaxial delay lines, and coaxial RF
connectors, supplied to customers throughout the microwave
industry. Applications include High Speed Computers, Space Applications,
Microwave Components, Low-Noise Amplifiers, Wireless/Cellular Systems. CDM
Electronics stocks several varieties of EZ Form Coaxial Cables:
Miniature semi-rigid cables - (Conformable Coaxial Cables)
MIL-DTL-17 Semi-rigid cables (QPL), (formerly MIL-C-17)
Delay Lines
We are a manufacturer of industrial ultrasonic
testing equipment most commonly used in the petrochemical, aerospace,
automotive, and other generally related industries. The pages that follow will
provide you with general information regarding our products. If you have any
questions, need technical support, or have a request for custom items, please
contact us at your leisure using the information provided on this
Our products are commonly used to determine the thickness of a
variety of materials by making contact with only one side of the material being
tested. They have the ability to detect very fine pits, flaws, and porosity in
materials without having to destroy the material or parts being tested. This is
done by converting the transit time of a sound wave, sent into and reflecting
back from a defect or opposite surface in the test material, into a length
measurement. This technique uses principles similar to that of sonar.
also manufacture a line of ultrasonic bolting equipment that very accurately
measures the stress, elongation, and load in threaded fasteners. These products
are typically used in critical bolting applications where extreme accuracy is
needed. If you have any specific or specialized bolting applications in mind, be
sure to contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.
CDM Electronics offers several military RF connector
solutions. Click Kings Electronics Military Parts for the present list of
military connectors and their equivalent NSN designations. We are in the process
of loading these into our online catalog.
Electronics QPL Connectors
Kings Electronics produces hermetically
sealed, weatherproof and weather-resistant connectors. Kings Electronics also
manufactures products for the broadcast industry, with high quality broadcast RF
Connectors for audio and video applications. Products include 75 Ohm BNC and RCA
connectors, video jacks and jackfields, and the Tri-Loc® system. CDM Electronics
stocks several versions of Kings Electronics broadcast RF Connectors and
CDM Electronics posesses the technical expertise to assist you in
implementing Kings Electronics interconnect products in your aerospace, industry
or commercial applications.

icli köfte

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içi için gerekli malzemeler:
1 kilo soğan
1 kilo orta yaglı kıyma
tencerede ince ince doğranan soğanla iyice kavrulur.kırmızı biber,karabiber,dogranmıs ceviz eklenır.soğumaya bırakılır.
dısı için gerekli malzemeler:
1.5 kilo köftelik bulgur
200 gr yagsız et
3 tane haslanmıs patates
3.4 dilim bayat ekmek
tuz ,kırmızı biber,karabiber
malzemeleri karıstır.ister yogurarak ister et makinasında cekerek istenilen acılacak kıvama getir
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Huntron Scanners

Add Scanning Capabilites to Your Huntron Tracker Model
a Huntron® Scanner to your Tracker Model 30 system lets
access components using standard DIP clips and
cables, custom cables to PCB
connectors or interface to a bed-of-nails.You can compare one component with
in real-time (64 pins max.) or use your PC to automate testing and
up to 128 pins.Huntron Scanners can be used with a
Huntron Access Prober to
provide Common line connections
while the Prober is probing a PCB. This method
gives you
up to 128 selectable Commons to use. For example, you can connect
Scanner to a connector on a PCB mounted in the Prober
using a common ribbon
style cable. While the Prober is
probing, any one of the lines on the connected
cable can be selected as the Common reference. This would provide
true point-to-point testing capabilities.Note: The
ProTrack Scanner will be
replaced by the Scanner II
and/or the Scanner 31S effective 1/1/2008. This
to commercial sales only.Scanner II and Scaner 31S users may want
consider these Optional Accessories to enhance their
The Scanner II and Scanner 31S accessories add
capability to the Tracker Model 30
· All Scanners have a
minimum 64
pin capability
· The
Scanner II can scan up to 128 pins when the A and
channels are combined
· The
Scanner 31S use standard IDC
· The Scanner II
uses the common SCSI-2 (68 pin)
· Up to 8 Scanner
IIs can be “daisy-chained” to increase the
number of test pins
Selecting Accessories for your
Scanner IIThe
Scanner II accessories for interfacing to
your printed circuit board come "ala
carte". This means
that you select the accessories you want included with
Scanner. Choose from SMT or through-hole style DIP
clip and cable kits (Scanner
Adapter required with
Scanner II) or a mutli-pin breakout cable. Details
these accessories are provided on this