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how to design homemade pottery

Ceramics How To How to Make a Better Homemade Sink Trap. Pottery Video: How to Make a Textured Wall. Pottery How to Beginner How To Videos: Instructional, DIY & How To. How to Make Homemade Clay or Pottery |. Video : Glazing is the final stage of pottery making. In this step by step guide Ricky Grimes, professional potter, shows you two different ways to glaze a pot. how to design homemade pottery how to design homemade pottery Pottery Video: How to Make a Homemade Draw. How to Capture the Beauty of Nature in. 17-12-2013 · You May Also Like. Recipe for Homemade Clay or Pottery. Homemade modeling clay, play dough clay or cold porcelain clay is economical to make using common In this http://ceramicartsdaily.org video, Stephani Stephenson demonstrates how to make a draw tool. See our entire pottery video archive at http Today, I wanted to send out a reminder for our DIY Clay Tools Video Contest, sponsored by Digital Ceramic Technologies. If you missed my first announcement of the How To: Glazing Pottery (Pottery). How To: Painting Pottery. So you've made your pot, now you have to paint it! In this step by step tutorial Ricky Grimes, professional potter, shows you how to use Developing your lower quad is something you can do by targeting the area with the right kinds of exercise. Find out about an exercise that you can do to develop the How To: Painting Pottery (Pottery). Sign up for your FREE subscription to the Ceramic Arts Daily Newsletter and we will give you How to Select Raku Clays, Glazes, Kilns and Combustibles Free!

letter to bank on gap of employment

letter to bank on gap of employment Resume cover letter that explains. sample letter explaining gap in employment. U.S. Bank Employment Sample employment confirmation letter for. 9-8-2010 · Cover Letter for Moms Seeking Work After Long Employment Gap Prospective employers will notice significant gaps in employment on your resume, so it's in your best interest to address these gaps and offer a viable explanation up When applying for a home loan you may be asked to provide a letter of employment. Follow these instructions & your letter will be accepted by the bank. Job seekers may visit a directory of Internet employment resources, including a Job MetaSearch page that accesses a large employment database. Hello, Employment Letter Template [Sender`s Name] [Address] [Date] To, [Name] [Address] Subject: [Subject of Letter] Dear [Name of Recipient], Matter/Content 21-11-2011 · I need a sample letter explaining gap in employment How to Explain Gaps in Employment on a. How to Explain Gaps in Employment on a. letter to bank on gap of employment Employment Gap - Free Resume Samples,. Employment Letter Templates For A Home. How to Explain an Employment Gap. This resume cover letter template responds to an ad for an open position. The letter explains a gap in employment history and details a commitment to service When you have recent gaps in your resume, whether from being laid-off and out of work, taking time out from the workplace to spend with your family, traveling, going Job Bank USA: Employment, Job Search,. Resume Examples That Solve the Employment Gap Problem The following sample resumes address the issue of having an employment gap due to layoffs, being fired, sickness


Do you have what it takes to become a successful Forex Trader? Forex trading, or any trading for that matter, is an occupation that requires experience and the accumulation of proficiency not unlike any other highly skilled profession. Whether you are a leading executive at a major publically traded company, a professional golfer or trading from your kitchen table, there are 5 key ingredients that one must possess in order to become successful. 1. You must be Passionate about what you do. As Forex traders we all face one unique set of circumstances that does not exist in any other profession. We get rewarded for when we succeed and equally punished when we don’t! Could you image a corporate worker one quarter receiving a significant accomplishment bonus and the next quarter actually getting money taken from their paycheck for missing performance targets? Not on your life! We do as Forex traders and that is why passion for what you do will carry you through the tough times that are part of your trading business. Asked yourself why you trade currencies and would you still do it if Forex were not potentially lucrative? Your answers will be quite revealing. You’ve got to feel your passion for trading! 2. You have to Apply Yourself and work hard at it. I talk to so many people that enter into Forex trading with the aspiration of getting rich quick. Without putting the time and energy into really getting good at trading I see them jump from strategy to strategy looking for the goose that will lay the golden egg and eventually quitting while blaming everything else, except the true cause. I got news for you – you are the goose and your Forex education is the golden egg. The magic has always resided with the magician and not some strategy. Work hard at trading and the rewards will eventually come your way. Remember what Tiger Woods said, “Funny, the harder I work the luckier I get.” Apply yourself as a trader and it will be no accident when your account begins to blossom.

HSBC International Bank

HSBC Holdings was established in 1990 to become the parent company to The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation in preparation for its purchase of Midland Bank and a change of domicile for the transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong. Shares in HSBC Holdings were first listed on the London Stock Exchange and Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1991. The acquisition of Midland Bank giving HSBC a substantial presence in the UK was completed in 1992 and the headquarters of HSBC Holdings moved from 1 Queens Road Central, Hong Kong to 10 Lower Thames Street, London in 1993. Major acquisitions in South America started with the purchase of Banco Bamerindus of Brazil for $1bn in March 1997 and the acquisition of Roberts SA de Inversiones of Argentina for $600m in May 1997. In May 1999 HSBC embarked on a major acquisition in the United States with the purchase of Republic National Bank of New York for $10.3bn. Expansion into Continental Europe took place in April 2000 with the acquisition of Crédit Commercial de France, a large French bank for £6.6bn. In July 2001 HSBC bought Demirbank, an insolvent Turkish bank. Then in August 2002 HSBC acquired Grupo Financiero Bital, SA de CV, Mexico's largest retail bank for $1.1bn. The new headquarters of HSBC Holdings at 8 Canada Square, London officially opened in April 2003. In November 2002 HSBC expanded in the United States acquiring Household International, a US credit card issuer for £9bn. In a 2003 cover story, The Banker noted "when banking historians look back, they may conclude that [it] was the deal of the first decade of the 21st century". Then in September 2003 HSBC bought Polski Kredyt Bank SA of Poland for $7.8m. A terrorist attack took place in November 2003: a bomb blast in Istanbul damaged the bank’s head office in Turkey, causing several deaths and hundreds of injuries. In October 2003 HSBC bought the Bank of Bermuda for $1.3bn. In June 2004 HSBC expanded into China buying 19.9% of the Bank of Communications of Shanghai. In the United Kingdom HSBC acquired Marks & Spencer Retail Financial Services Holdings Ltd for £763m in December 2004. Acquisitions in 2005 included Metris Inc, a US credit card issuer for $1.6bn in August and 70.1% of Dar Es Salaam Investment Bank of Iraq in October.In April 2006 HSBC bought the 90 branches in Argentina of Banca Nazionale del Lavoro for $155m.Later that year, in July HSBC bought Grupo Banistmo, the largest financial services company in Central America, based in Panama for $1.8bn. In December 2007 HSBC acquired The Chinese Bank in Taiwan. In May 2008 HSBC acquired IL&FS Investment, an Indian retail broking firm.

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By Stephen J. Bigelow, Senior Technology Writer

  • By Stephen J. Bigelow, Senior Technology Writer
    Network disaster recovery (DR) relies on software products that can send critical data to the remote site or recover that remote data for return to the client. Once implemented and configured, the disaster recovery software system needs to be routinely tested to ensure that all of the parts involved work properly. All of this activity needs to happen while maintaining the client's regulatory compliance or other corporate governance position, further complicating network DR planning for solution providers.
    The first part of this Hot Spot Tutorial introduced critical WAN issues and site planning points for DR. The second chapter detailed WAN bandwidth factors, redundant connectivity concepts and the use of other technologies like VPNs and virtualization for disaster recovery. This third installment discusses changing trends in disaster recovery software and highlights the importance of regulatory compliance.
    Changes in disaster recovery software


    Disaster recovery software should satisfy the data protection needs of the client and their business. The most important consideration in disaster recovery software selection is the recovery time objective (RTO) -- understanding how quickly the DR software can retrieve and restore data from the remote site. The product should accommodate the customer's data load and change rate in synchronous or asynchronous mode, pass that data within the available effective WAN bandwidth, support all of the client's mission-critical applications or data types, and still fit within the client's budget.
    "Time to recovery is the main goal, and then balancing against cost," said Dave Sobel, CEO of Evolve Technologies, a solution provider located in Fairfax, Va.
    In the past, DR software solutions often proved complex and difficult to configure fully. But disaster recovery software is changing. "The trend I can clearly see is simplification of the infrastructure," Sobel said. "Customers are looking for fewer tools in the environment." Solution providers can teach clients how to use their existing infrastructure and tools for new tasks wherever possible, rather than changing or adding to their infrastructure. In other cases, solution providers must help the client ensure that any new iteration of tools they already have will solve emerging problems or changing DR needs.
    The push toward simplification is reflected in a trend away from third-party products. "Movement is away from snapshots and third-party replication products such as SAN Snapshots or DoubleTake, or VMware VMotion," said Rand Morimoto, president of Convergent Computing, a network solution provider in Oakland, Calif. "The movement is to built-in replication like SQL 2005 Mirroring, or Exchange 2007 Stretch Cluster Continuous Replication, or DFS-R -- where the replication is in the application, thus failover and failback is native to the app and fully vendor- and auditor-supported." This approach reduces the number of DR tools in the environment and eliminates vendor finger-pointing when replication doesn't work as expected.
    While virtualization tools like VMware may not be desirable for disaster recovery alone, clients that already employ virtualization for consolidation or management purposes may also see benefits in DR.
    "Another application that we see playing a bigger role in DR … is VMware," said Bob Laliberte, analyst with the Enterprise Strategy Group in Milford, Mass. Laliberte noted that virtualization enables far greater flexibility in site design and equipment, allowing for cost savings, which some clients may leverage to establish a third DR site (such as a restoration site in addition to a traditional DR site). Additional tools like VMware's VMotion enable the migration of one virtual machine to another, allowing failover between host servers without disruption. Similarly, VMware's Site Recovery Manager automates the recovery of virtualized environments for SMB/SME clients.


    After a 9-months long competition, LAN has been chosen for the restructuring and the extension of the Grand Palais Paris. “The project was held for its respect toward the historic building for the quality and the modernity of the fittings that will allow the enhancement of the Grand Palais. The volume of the galleries around the Grand Nave, the unity of the building and the circulation of the lights will be restored.”

    Veelzijdige rotatiepersen klaar voor de toekomst

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    Veelzijdige rotatiepersen klaar voor de toekomst

    De veranderende markt en het economische klimaat vereisen dat offset rotatiepersen steeds beter presteren bij steeds kleinere oplages. De pers moet aan een breed pakket van wensen en voorwaarden voldoen. Behalve een constante en voorspelbare drukkwaliteit bij hoge topsnelheden, een hoge productiviteit en een perfecte prijs/prestatieverhouding moet de pers ook milieuvriendelijk en duurzaam produceren.
    Komori biedt antwoord op die vragen met de ontwikkeling van de SYSTEM Series offset rotatiepersen. Uitgerust met een grote hoeveelheid ongeëvenaarde technologie. De hoge drukkwaliteit en de inrichttijd van slechts 7 minuten garanderen een hoge rentabiliteit.
    Full-APC - de volautomatische plaatwissel - maakt het mogelijk dat alle acht platen binnen twee minuten zijn gewisseld. De pers is bovendien uitgerust met KHS-AI. Dat zorgt er bijvoorbeeld voor dat elke order snel in register en op kleur is en dat de instelling van het vouwformaat wordt aangepast. Het systeem is zelflerend, zodat op basis van specifieke gebruikersinformatie de automatisering van het proces steeds geavanceerder en effectiever wordt.
    Het vouwapparaat beschikt over unieke mogelijkheden die speciaal zijn ontworpen om extra toegevoegde waarde te kunnen bieden.
    Kortom: niemand kan tippen aan de enorme veelzijdigheid van de SYSTEM Series offset rotatiepersen.